By this time you have determined that your land is suitable for a Logical Home. Our objective in this stage is to help you to decide which Logical Home is appropriate for your site, your needs and your budget. This stage covers building placement on your land, landscaping and design personalization options.


What you provide us:

You will need to complete a design questionnaire that we will supply.
After submission of the questionnaire, you will meet the design team at Logical Homes and discuss your objectives and options.


What we do:

Based on our discussions with you and a review of various reports we will determine the best placement of a Logical Home on your site. We also make suggestions for options, site features and landscaping. 


What we provide you:

We will supply you with a Stage 3 Design Recommendation report. This report includes basic plans, elevations, sections and renderings of your Logical Home on your land.



This stage takes approximately 4 weeks to complete after we receive your completed questionnaire.



The cost for this stage is $4,000. 
If you proceed to build a Logical Home then we will credit the cost of this stage towards your home.


Note: The above information is a guideline only and may not reflect the specifics of your site and project. This is not a contract or commitment to perform the above duties. Separate and unique documentation will cover the specifics of any contracted project.


Los Angeles, CA - Austin, TX - New Jersey/NY