We use a combination of prefabrication processes and unorthodox building materials, including recycled and repurposed industrial materials, to create healthy, modern homes delivered at a reasonable price in a predictable timeframe. 

Here are some examples of materials used in our homes (Seto 3580 shown)


A. Converted Steel Cargo Containers 

B. Insulated Metal Roof Panels

C. Bi-Fold Aluminum Hangar Door 

D. Concrete slab floor

E. Dual glazed windows

F. Logical Skin System™


A. Converted Steel Cargo Containers

 Have you ever noticed the mountains of steel cargo containers stacked up at dockyards? These containers are extremely strong - they are often stacked eight or nine high and can hold items ranging from pianos to truck parts.alt

We decided that these containers could become the basis of a steel frame housing system. We have undertaken several years of research and development in addition to prototype construction in order to refine our steel frame system.

One of our most important tasks was to develop an engineering understanding of these containers that meets the needs of residential building codes and city building departments. We have achieved this goal and now our team at Logical Homes is comprised of the most credentialed practitioners using this system in North America.

There are a range of benefits to using this modular steel frame system:
- It is not subject to rot or mold damage
- Termites and other pests don't like to eat steel
- It is very strong (the strength far exceeds the requirements of residential building codes)
- Steel can span greater distances than wood - creating more open spaces.
- We can work in our factory and transport the prefabricated modules to the job site
- We are re-purposing the containers which is a form of recycling

We developed the Logical Skin System™ (see item F below) which offers choices in exterior surfaces in addition to the standard ribbed steel siding of a container. 


 B. Cool Roof

 Our roofs consist of materials that reflect the sun's energy from the roof surface. These low sloped roofs are mainly bright white in color and can reduce the roof surface temperature by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby reducing the heat transferred into the building below. This helps to reduce energy costs, improve occupant comfort, cut maintenance costs, increase the life cycle of the roof, and reduce urban heat islands along with associated smog.


 C. Bi-fold Hangar and Roll-up Aluminum/Glass Family Room Doors

 This is another example of Logical Homes integrating industrial materials into domestic residential design.  Two types of family room doors to the exterior have replaced the traditional glass sliding door.  The first, originally designed for use on Aircraft Hangars, is a horizontal bi-fold door system - when the door is folded up it creates an integrated awning, unlike traditional accordion or sliding door systems.  The second, more likely to be found on a service station or fire station, is a roll-up aluminum garage door with glass panes.   Each is a unique and innovative way to open up the interior of your home to the outdoors.  These doors enable an entire wall to fold/roll up creating an unobstructed view and path to the exterior.

D. Concrete slab floor (thermal mass)

Concrete is a thermally comfortable surface, slow to heat up and cool off, which helps to moderate indoor temperatures.
It is also a good choice for radiant floor applications. Health benefits include better indoor air quality as the need for flooring adhesives is eliminated, and the elimination of indoor allergens that typically accompany carpeting.
Exposed concrete floors are very low-maintenance, requiring only
a wet-mop for cleaning.



E. Dual glazed Low-E, Argon filled glazing/windows

 Low E glass is a form of glass which, when added to double glazing, allows you to save even more energy.
Typically double glazing using Low-E glass has energy conservation properties as good as normal triple glazing but without the 50% increase in weight.
The advantages of using Low-E glass are:
- Better heat insulation.
- Reduced heating bills.
- Reduced condensation on internal window frames.

Argon is an inert gas, which has better thermal properties than dry air



F. Logical Skin System

The Logical Skin system offers a range of choices for exterior appearance. It also acts as a wall-shading device that reduces solar gain. Examples shown: HardiePlank and Ipe Hardwood.






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