We are all concerned about environmentally sustainable design  - and yet "green" is rapidly becoming a meaningless marketing buzzword. The last thing we want to do is pontificate about how we are more "green" than other home builders. We don't know of any architect or home builder that is sufficiently green for all of our problems to be solved. However we do want to share some of the thinking that has gone into our design decisions. We are constantly striving to improve our approach to environmentally sustainable design and welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have in this regard.



Our homes include wood sourced from sustainably managed forests and products made from renewable resources such as bamboo. Recycled ISO cargo containers are core structural elements in our homes. By recycling cargo containers we gain the benefits of working with steel without contributing to any adverse environmental impact from the production of new steel. Other recycled material in our homes includes denim-based insulation and carpets made from recycled materials. We also employ non-toxic caulks and adhesives and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints.


The majority of our building components are fabricated off-site with reduced on-site assembly. With prefab there is very little material waste left over when compared to standard construction techniques. Also some materials can be purchased in bulk quantities and used over many projects, minimizing delays and ensuring that no “short cuts” are taken due to unavailable materials. Bulk purchasing and the delivery of a small number of completed modules to the home site dramatically reduces the carbon footprint generated by transportation to and from the work site.


Our homes save energy by reducing heating and cooling loads, through building orientation, the specification of high-quality windows and the provision of adequate insulation and ventilation - both passive and active solar systems are employed responding to site specific conditions.

We specify Energy Star rated appliances, efficient heating and cooling systems and LED and fluorescent lamps. We are also excited to work with any buyers who want to integrate tied-to-the-grid electric solar power systems (Photovoltaic Panels) or wind generated energy. We also specify products that conserve water above and beyond what is required by law, such as low flow shower heads, dual-flush toilets and under-sink flow restrictors. In addition to conservation, we will work work with any buyers who want to integrate a Gray Water system into their Logical Home.

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